Onno Steenbergen


As a "classic nerd with glasses" I currently develop software for spriteCloud.com. Coding APIs, frontend Javascript and deploying software to the production environment would make me a candidate for the label DevOps. However I also help our testers, manage the internal network and try to teach anyone some coding.

Python, JavaScript, Ruby, NodeJS, Java, PHP, Android Apps, Bash, Linux, Git, SVN, CSS and then some

Thomas Steenbergen


I am a jack of many trades with a getting things done attitude. Reading my resume you will see that I went from a coding & maintaining backend systems to working with JavaScript in the frontend. In my current role as Software Architect at Nokia I use this knowledge to improve HERE APIs and resolve improve overall code quality, standards compliance and performance of systems.

JavaScript programming (cross-browser, debugging, DOM manipulation, prototyping, object-oriented coding, refactoring and optimization), JSON, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, NodeJS, speeding up websites, web standards, website penetration testing, requirements engineering, semantic web, REST, RDF, schema.org, FOAF, Scrum, DITA OT, Ant and web graphics (Canvas, SVG and VML)